Computer to plate (CTP)

KODAK Computer-to-Plate Systems are designed to meet the business needs of commercial, newspaper and packaging printers. Our CTP devices are modular, with a wide choice of upgrade options so you can maximize your investment – today and into the future. Our CTP Platesetter is one of the fastest fully automated VLF platesetters on the market, providing high-quality imaging with KODAK Thermal Imaging Technology.
Our Kodak CTP Machine

What is CTP?

Computer-to-plate (CTP) is an imaging technology which helps to transfer a digital image generated in a computer directly to a printing plate. Before CTP, the technology used was computer-to-film (CTF), where the image output was passed to a photographic film, and the output film was then used to make the printing plate. This process is similar to darkroom photography. The CTP technology helps to eliminate all the darkroom processes, and hence is cost effective. CTP is a much faster process compared to film-based printing, so the productivity of printing increases greatly.

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